Seaweed Center is an amazing place on the east coast of the island of Zanzibar on the Indian Ocean. This is a place where African tradition combined with modernity gave rise to cosmetics for body care such as: butter, soaps and scrubs for the production of which only natural wealth of the island is used.

Naturalny peeling z alg morskich z Zanzibaru


Sea algae used in the cosmetics industry come from the Seaweed Center own crops. They are rich in exogenous amino acids, moisturizing nutrients and proteins and help to rebuild collagen. Seaweed Center cosmetics based on algae have a cleansing, nourishing and regenerating effect and help to reduce cellulite thus delaying skin aging processes.

Naturalne kosmetyki z Zanzibaru


100% natural ingredients of the highest quality, coming from Africa:

  • sea algae grown in the purest waters of Zanzibar
  • coconut oil obtained from local crops
  • honey from the unspoiled island of Pemba
  • spices such as cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg
  • citruses that give cosmetics fresh and refreshing fragrances
  • natural essential oils with therapeutic properties

How our products are made?

Handmade by specially developed recipies

What distinguishes Seaweed Center cosmetics is the manual production by means of a cold press method of small batches of products, based on specially formulated recipes combining the African tradition of skin care with contemporary knowledge.

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100% Nature and Zanzibar

Fair Trade

Support of the community of women from zanzibar

Seaweed Center operates in accordance with the idea of Fair Trade The employed women have not only very good salaries but also shares in the company's profits, which allows them to support their families, take care of children's education as well as live with dignity and enjoy their work.

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